Below, you’ll find answers to the

questions we get asked most frequently.

Accommodations, WIFI, Hebrew learning, all activities planned in the program, food budget, trips, swimming pool, Participation in free kibbutz activities, access to library, etc.

Yes. To be checked and scheduled before your arrival.

How many students are in each class?

We accept Shekels or Euro. You can pay with cash, credit card (AMEX and Diners + 2%),
Bank transfer (+ 40 euro).

 Yes. Integrated in the general program.

Private restroom and shower, Air conditioner, TV, Wardrobe, Free WIFI, refrigerator, microwave, kettle, dinnerware and utensils. We supply clean towels and linen. Please note that cooking is not allowed in the rooms.

Yes, but the Hebrew books are not included in the price. To be paid on arrival.

Walking shoes, sunglasses, a hat (for the trips), and swimming suit. If you are taking any medications please bring enough for your whole stay. Also, any personal belongings you might need as well.

Yes. Have a look at our yearly calendar.

Yes, though you might need to buy a local Sim card.

We suggest to exchange a small amount of 50 euro at the airport (Just to get by) and there are change offices in
all main cities, Including Beer-Sheva (The nearest city). *NEVER CHANGE MONEY WITH INDIVIDUALS IN THE CITY!

Usually, weekends are free of classes. You can stay in the kibbutz or travel as you wish.

Each student receives a daily budget for food that can be spent either in the dining
room or in the grocery shop. More details in our welcome document.

Yes, 7 days a week (Saturdays between 11:00 am until 12:00 am only)

Yes, upon request and with added cost.

Yes, you are welcome to use the kibbutz laundry services with extra charge.
See details in our welcome document.

Yes. You can join us for any period with a minimum of 1 week.

Yes, and we can also provide you with a taxi at reduced costs. You can
find more information here.

Yes, and the first extra night is free of charge.

Yes, any level is possible. Please fill up the Hebrew level form

Contact us!

Phone: +972-86565422
Fax: +972 -86565135
Email: kibbutzimer@gmail.com
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